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Sleep Ease Z

Image of Sleep Ease Z

Everyone needs a little help now and then in order to get a good and restful night of sleep. Add our Sleep Ease Z oil to your sleep arsenal when you are feeling a little stressed or experience the occasional insomnia.

We had a variety of people with sleep issues test this oil out before adding them to our collection and it has helped almost all our testers. The exceptions are people who have had insomnia issues due to menopause or hormones or really severe sleep issues.

This oil comes in a 1 oz amber bottle and will last you a long time even with nightly use.

Directions for Use: Simple dispense 2 to 3 drops of the oil unto your palm and using your finger tips, gently massage the oil onto your forehead and temple. Use before bedtime.

Safflower Oil, blend of linaloe berry, lavender, roman chamomile, howood and yarrow essential oils. These essential oils are all known for their calming and soothing effect.